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Arf! Dog Walks Service Menu

Daily Dog Walks
Dogs need exercise, attention, mental
stimulation, and social interaction. A walk
provides all these. You know it, but you can’t
always give your friend as much time as you’d like.

Because you care…we’re there!

We come to your home and take your dog
for a walk, customized to each pup’s fitness level.
We emphasize safety, with all walks on leash.

Puppy Housebreaking Support
Our mid-day visits help maintain a
consistent schedule of bathroom breaks for
your new puppy. Getting to know us contributes
to a well-trained and socialized adult dog.

In-Home Pet Care
When you travel, your pets are most comfortable
staying in their house – with familiar smells, toys and routines. Assure yourself that they are safe and happy by selecting this option.

Because you care…we’re there!

Daily visits include:
walks, play, feeding, water, and loving attention.

We’ll make sure your house look lived in,
by rotating lights and blinds, picking up mail,
and watering houseplants

Overnight Sitter Option
For pets accustomed to sleeping with you,
we spend the night. Twelve hours of care include
walks, feeding, playtime, and lots of TLC!

Pet Taxi
Trips to Vet and Groomer
Pet Food Shopping

Service Rates
Begin at $25 per half hour for walks and visits.
Puppy visits and overnight stays quoted separately.
The number of pets and time required for their care
govern our fees. Please call for a free consultation!


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